ATB Morton
Construction and Project Management

Commercial, industrial, land and build or full turnkey packages. The ATB Morton team will pull on their resources to achieve the best possible solution for you.

Civil Precast Products

Advanciv is the newest addition to the ATB Group capabilities offering the design, manufacture and supply of civil precast concrete solutions such as stormwater pit products, kerb entry inlets and lintels, headwalls, wheel stops and more.

Precast Concrete and Structural Steel

Precast concrete and structural steel provide the foundations for an ATB Morton build. CIA Precast and Steel have proficiencies in product design and development, enabling customised precast and steel elements to suit specific project requirements.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hunter Galvanizing ensure a durable protective coating is applied to all necessary steel sections to maximise the longevity of your latest investment.

Thermal zinc diffusion

An alternate protective coating for steel applied by tumbling parts with a zinc powder in a drum that is very slowly rotated inside an oven at temperatures between 350°c to 450°c. A cost effective and environmentally friendly option.

Premixed Concrete

Concrete is an integral part of the ATB Morton process and Redicrete can provide anything from your standard hardstand mix to a fully customised decorative internal or external flooring option.

Washed Sand

Supply of high quality bulk sand products, specialising in washed and brown sand suitable for a range of construction and manufacturing industries.


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