Father’s Day 2022

This Father’s Day we’re celebrating the family teams we have working throughout the ATB Morton Group.

We’ve seen 3 generations of the Jones family work alongside the ATB crew within the ATB Morton and CIA Precast & Steel divisions. Bill Jones joined ATB in 1983 working as a Plumbing Project Manager. He was with us until the late 90’s and spent a few years working with his son Tony Jones who signed up in 1985. Tony has covered many roles in his time and is now a Rigging Supervisor working alongside his son Aaron, Crane Operator Supervisor, who commenced employment with us in 2015. The Jones family have always shown true dedication to their roles and enjoy the challenge of delivering projects on time and within budget and having a finished project to show their families and friends what they do at work. The longest serving member of the Jones family, Tony, has said that he is “proud to be part of the ATB Morton Group as I have watched the 3 brothers build a successful company starting from a tiny shed in Bishopgate Street, Islington to what we see today. I hope that my other son and grandsons will have the pleasure of working with the ATB Morton Group”.

Advanciv have their own family affair with Business Manager Colin Kuhne and his son Josh working as a Reo Maker. Josh’s grandfather (Colin’s ex-father-in -law) is also a member of the Advanciv team, Gary Griffith is our Production Supervisor. Colin joined the team in November of 2019 with Josh hanging up the Butchers gloves and apron and joining a couple of years later in 2021. Josh is proud of his role within the Advanciv team as he is a 3rd generation precaster and enjoys seeing the finished product of what he contributes to. Colin views the opportunity to work with his son as a chance to see him everyday and also see him progress in his career, skills, experiences and work ethic.

Within CIA Steel, we have Rob and Dean Clark who wouldn’t have it any other way. Rob joined the team 19 months ago as a Boilermaker and when an opportunity came up for a Trades Assistant position 12 months later Dean applied and was awarded the job. When asked about the benefits of working together the boys rattled off several aspects such as car-pooling, sharing tools and unlimited banter. As Dean said, “It just works well, we have similar interests, play cricket, ride motorbikes, live together and work together”.

The O’Grady’s are our Redicrete Agi driving duo with Dave joining the team in 2020 primarily based out of our Cameron Park plant and son Robbie joining in 2021 based at Tomago. The pair come from a family of drivers and enjoy spending time together racing rally cars on weekends.

Not to forget Hunter Gal where we have Craig and Bailey Kelly both working as Production Operators on Day and Night shift respectively.

Amongst the Morton family, both of Terry’s children are employed within the Group; Adrian is a Construction Project Manager and Cherie is a Carpenter. Brian’s daughter Nancy is our HR Manager and Allan’s daughter Grace is our Marketing Manager.

We’re proud to be able to work alongside and support a diverse mix of generations throughout the ATB Morton Group.

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