Energy Renaissance

Project Details

Client: Energy Renaissance
Building Designer: ATB Morton
Delivery Form: Design, Construct & Lease Package
Location: Tomago, NSW
Value: $6.7m
Building Area: 4,346sqm

Project Overview:

ATB Morton worked hand in hand with Energy Renaissance over multiple years preparing building works proposals for their planned Renaissance One facility, this included proposals for a variety of locations including the Hunter, Sydney & Parkes. Energy Renaissance ultimately settled on housing the first Lithium battery manufacturing facility in Australia in the Hunter at Tomago. ATB Morton was pleased to be able to present a combined turnkey design, construct & lease proposal that enabled the Renaissance One facility to be secured by Newcastle & the Hunter at ATB Morton’s Epsom Drive Industrial estate.

The close proximity to both the Port of Newcastle, Newcastle University and a thriving skilled Newcastle workforce ensured that Energy Renaissance could confidently select Tomago as the new home for this advanced manufacturing facility. Initially ATB Morton provided a short-term lease of a pilot facility for initial start up while the large facility was developed, approved and constructed.

ATB Morton led the building design, approvals and FEBQ assessment for this modern manufacturing facility. Utilising ATB Morton’s range of internal building designers, steel and precast detailers and town planning resources ATB Morton obtained all necessary approvals including the fire engineering performance solution for the lithium battery production usage. This included preparation of fire engineers reports and FEBQ assessment by Fire Rescue NSW.

Once ATB Morton obtained all design and approvals the large-scale manufacturing facility construction was delivered on time and on budget.

Featuring large clear span workshop & warehouse space & including internal fire sprinkler systems and bunding, the facility is both tailored and flexible to suit the evolving usage of Energy Renaissance for lithium battery production, fabrication and packaging. Requiring substantial power for testing and validation of finished components, ATB Morton undertook all incoming ASP 3 design & ASP 1 incoming electrical works. In addition to the incoming electrical upgrade, at  the core of Energy Renaissance’s mission to localise Lithium production was a desire to use renewable energy across their development – to this end ATB Morton ensured that the facility was designed and constructed to accept multiple large scale solar installations to the main structure with suitable capacity for connection of solar power for distribution both on site and with offsite potential.

ATB Morton is proud to have contributed to the establishment of Australia’s first lithium Battery facility right here in the Hunter.

Project Scope:
  • Land Subdivision
  • Building Design & Fire Engineering
  • Council & Planning Approvals
  • Design & Construction
  • Clear Span Workshop & Warehouse Space
  • Onsite Hydrant Ring Main & Internal Sprinkler System
  • Specialist Foundations & Concrete Work
  • Dedicated One Way Semitrailer Access
Features of the Development:
  • Custom designed workshop tailored to business operations
  • Structural engineering to accommodated large clear span workshop & warehouse
  • Ring road for one way heavy vehicle traffic movements
  • Incoming electrical upgrades to suit 800amp incoming services & solar provisions
  • Large onsite carparking
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