UGM (BIS Industries), Morisset

Project Details

Client: UGM/BIS Industries
Building Designer: ATB Morton
Delivery Form: Design, Construct & Lease
Location: Morisset, NSW
Value: $6.1million
Building Footprint: 2,916 m2

Scope of Works:

Design, construction and lease of new large scale maintenance and manufacturing facility for specialist underground machinery, including onsite capabilities for load testing, spray painting, wash bays, technical design and support personnel.


This project represented the first major development for UGM in the Hunter since their acquisition by Bis Industries. It signified a notable investment into their existing Hunter based business and personnel with the core principle being the establishment of a new cutting edge facility within their existing West Lake Macquarie operational zone. Their aim in not only to continue their existing relationships with their established client base but to also to pursue their current status as an active member of Lake Macquarie. The Morisset location was selected as it presented the best location to ensure their existing workforce was retained in full, minimise any disturbance given the relocation of the business from nearby Teralba and present opportunities for growth in business and employment catchments from surrounding areas. The development in combination with the recent completion of the nearby Toshiba facility completed by ATB Morton in mid-2019, has pioneered activation of the new Morisset industrial subdivision within the Lake Macquarie area. It has safeguarded the continual employment of the UGM staff within the Western Lake Macquarie zone and provided continued employment of all service, technical and management personnel. It presents the opportunity for UGM to continue to grow and contribute to the Lake Macquarie economy.

Features of the Development:
  • Large wash bay for teardown of mining and underground machinery.
  • Internal retractable paint booth for controlled onsite spray painting of large scale plant and equipment.
  • Large scale electrical upgrades for onsite load testing of plant and machinery.

Through ATB Morton’s internal design and construction teams we have delivered not only a technical facility that address the clients functional & operational requirements but integrated the use of subtle design to present a facility that brings together the new unified UGM & Bis corporate identities with the creation of a bespoke graphic design statement to the office streetscape. The graphic consists of an understated but effective combination of both brands key identities though the use of the distinct UGM colour palette and use of the iconic and resonating Bis industries corporate insignia resulting in a unique and vibrant entry complementing not only the new facility but the surrounding industrial streetscape.


Site electrical provisions to enable the load testing of plant and equipment was at the forefront of the clients requirements. The ATB Morton team worked tirelessly with the client, specialist electrical consultants and service authorities & providers to enable the delivery of the required electrical capacity to the site.

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